About me…

I went to Sheridan College for Applied Photography during the transition from analog to digital, fell in love with the computer lab, and became obsessed with making beautiful hybrid creations. I have been a traveller for over 20 years, and worked in the kitchens and behind the bars of restaurants and hostels, from San Francisco to Brooklyn, Melbourne to Bangkok. I am a perfectionist in the kitchen and on Creative Suite, and I love my chef’s knife almost as much as my Wacom pen.

My workflow is online from start to finish, though I still block out work on napkins or in notebooks when I’m travelling. My process uses dozens of reference photos, digital collage, and compositing multiple images. The final product brings all the pieces together with digital painting, which results in a beautiful, stylized image with a unique photorealistic yet painterly look.

Contact me regarding prints, writing and commissions using the form below, or get in touch at: jordan.evan@gmail.com